Wellesley Construction – Update #4

If you follow us on Snapchat (for those of you not yet following, we’re “thirstjuiceco”), you know that we spent time at our new Wellesley store yesterday – and that it’s finally starting to look like a juice bar! The floor is in, as are the tiles, some of the cabinetry, and the wall separating the front and back of the house.

Future home of our menu board, above some beautiful new tile

Future home of our menu board, above some beautiful new tile.

We are really excited about how much bigger the back of house space is in our Wellesley store compared to Boston.  In Boston, we basically don’t have a back of house.   That means we peel every carrot, wash every leaf of kale, and cook all of soup on the counter immediately behind the register.  Thanks to the increased prep space in Wellesley, you can expect more prepared foods (think salads, grain bowls, and new snack items) and a wider variety of cold-pressed juices.

Inside Look - Unfinished back of house

Inside Look – Unfinished back of house

We still need to paint, hook up plumbing and electric, and install equipment.  And then we need to pass all of our final inspections.  But we’re close enough that we can now say we plan to open next month!

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer.   We are also now hiring Team Members and Shift Managers for Wellesley.  If you’re interested or know someone who would be a great fit, check out the job description on Craigslist here: Job Listing and email us at jobs@thirstjuiceco.com.

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