• 7.19.2017 - BostonVoyager Magazine

    "(Stevenson explained) 'we are known for making healthful plant-based food accessible to people with a wide variety of taste preferences. Our juices and smoothie range from quite sweet, to not sweet at all and vegetable heavy, and are made without added sugars (the sweetness comes from fruit!).'"

  • 7.18.2017 - w.e.l.l. insiders

    “I wanted to educate people on how to feel better,” [Stevenson] says. “To be more aware of what they eat and of how to make better, healthier choices. That’s why we teach classes in our stores about how to juice or make smoothies at home. That’s why we talk about the sugar content of certain fruits. That’s why we include more unique greens in our blends.”

  • 6.27.2017 - The Happy Lawyer Project Podcast

    "Do you have a passion for health and wellness and want to find ways to incorporate that passion into your corporate life? Have you decided it’s time for a lifestyle change in order to increase your quality of life? Then you'll love Heather's story. Heather Stevenson was a BigLaw associate that made a drastic change and decided to pursue a dream she was more passionate about. Heather left her career as a lawyer and joined the health and wellness world by opening her own juice bar."

  • 6.9.2017 - The Wellesley Townsman

    "All the offerings are vegan and gluten-free, choices that have not been easy to get in Wellesley until recently."

  • 11.17.2016 - Eater Boston

    "A Boston juice bar has softly opened an outpost in Wellesley and will hold a grand celebration to honor the occasion after Thanksgiving. Thirst Juice Co. opened its new suburban shop on Monday, bringing a whole host of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, bowls, and more to 41 Grove St, in a new mixed-use complex called the Belclare. The shop plans to hold a grand opening on November 29, according to the Swellesley Report."

  • 11.16.2016 - The Swellesley Report

    "Thirst Juice, a green juice and smoothie bar that’s been plotting its arrival in Wellesley for more than a year, plans to have its grand opening on Nov. 29. The shop, expanding beyond its Boston roots to 41 Grove St., is technically already doing a soft opening, minus the soups, tea and formal signage. Thirst Juice is the first business to open at the Belclare complex, which still hopes to lure a full-blown restaurant and other retailers into its Washington Street space."

  • 10.13.2016 - The A-LYST

    "The Coconut Acai Bowl at Thirst Juice Co. in Downtown Crossing offers just the right amount of coconut flavor mixed with fresh bananas and granola. I love adding strawberries as an extra fruit to go on the top, and I swear, with one bite, I instantly feel a bit more tropical!"

  • 9.23.2016 - Cooking with Books

    "This fall, [Thirst] introduced a green juice called “Fall Apple”, made of coconut milk, spinach, green apple, banana, house made pumpkin spice blend, and dates. It’s seriously like the PSL’s fitness-driven, health conscious cousin!"

  • 7.21.2016 - Mass Realty

    "Heather Stevenson strongly believes that delicious, healthy foods are the best fuel for life's adventures. She believed it so much, in fact, that in 2014, she launched Thirst Juice- a unique company aimed at providing nutrient-packed juice options to the public. The company, founded by Stevenson and her husband, has since developed into a lifestyle, not just a shop."

  • 4.20.2016 - Spoon University

    "Commonly in our diets we are told to remove things. Remove carbohydrates, remove dairy, remove sugar, etc. Instead of removing ingredients, Thirst Juice Company promotes the addition of nutrients to ensure our health is more well rounded. "

  • 3.23.2016 - Air Terre Mer

    "I remember the day Thirst Juice opened around the corner from my office. Until then, finding a healthy breakfast, early in the morning, was like going on an urban scavenger hunt; one that often resulted in tepid oats or a lacklustre Starbucks banana. But now! Now there was finally a neighbourhood place that was whipping up super-healthy juice, before 8 AM, and even handing it over in a compostable cup. These days, Thirst is my weekly stop-in for a juice, a smoothie, a soup and indeed, very good oats."

  • 12.4.2015 - Fitness and Feta

    "For a juice, we decided to sample the Buddhabeet, made with beet, carrot, pear, pineapple, and ginger. Isn’t that the best name? Buddhabeet! I typically don’t love beet based juices because they are a little too strong for my liking (I’ve actually spit beet juice out in the past despite loving beets themselves), but Thirst Juice Co. changed my mind about this."


    "I cannot say enough great things about Thirst Juice Co; between their mission and vision for the city of Boston and soon to be suburbs and the passion from the co-founders to make a difference is something to support! Definitely run (not walk) to Thirst Juice Co to try one of their amazing menu items!"

  • 8.18.2015 - BURPEES TO BUBBLY

    "There are so many things that I love about the company- I love that Heather and her husband left their corporate jobs as lawyers in NYC to come to Boston to start up a juice/smoothie company. I love that she and I chatted nonstop about health/fitness. I love that all of the options were healthy- truly healthy. I love that she was so knowledgeable and passionate about the company and benefits of juicing and power smoothies. I could go on and on . . . "

  • 7.29.2015 - FUN FIT FLAVOR

    "And then... drumroll please... it was time for the acai bowl. Actually, two acai bowls. We tried both the coconut bowl and the peanut butter bowl. Both were scrumptious . . . Last but not least, we tried the BAD MONKEY! smoothie. Oh em gee, it was delightful."

  • 7.28.2015 - BOSTON GLOBE

    Thirst is "a narrow storefront in Downtown Crossing whose lime green sign shines like a beacon of hope amid the gray concrete . . . Thirst is quenching."

  • 6.3.2015 - LOCAL BELLE

    "I ordered the Coconut Açaí bowl and let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS. Go there now, tell them I sent you, and order that thing. It’s a game changer."


    In article on "Where to Eat After Your Strenuous Workout," Thirst featured as the place to refuel after working out at Barry's Bootcamp.

  • 5.18.2015 - LITTLE MISS RUNSHINE

    "Smoothies are always great if you want a little more substance to your drink. Post-workout one day I splurged on the Pink Unicorn that had strawberries, mango, banana, almond milk, protein powder. While I was visiting with Heather I had the Bad Monkey which has banana, almond butter, cacao nibs, cacao powder, dates, coconut milk, ice. Both were really great and I am looking forward to trying the Mint Condition (mint, pineapple, blueberries, cucumber, ginger, coconut water, hemp seeds)."

  • 4.6.2015 - BLONDE BOSTONIAN

    "I also tried one of Heather’s favorite smoothies, Mint Condition, which was made up of a mix of mint, pineapple, blueberries, cucumber, ginger, coconut water, and hemp seeds. The smoothie was very refreshing. It tasted a bit like a mojito with the mint and the coconut flavor. This smoothie would be the perfect refresher on a hot day or after a sweaty workout. Add in some protein powder and it would be a great recovery drink after a hard run or strength session at the gym."

  • 3.16.15 - WELL + GOOD

    Thirst Juice selected as an Editor's Pick among Boston's best juice bars.

  • 3.16.15 - BOSTON GOOD LIFE

    "The Green Dream juice (Kale, cucumber, pineapple, jalapeno) was another menu item I tried. The sweetness of the pineapple and the heat of the jalapeno were perfectly balanced. Delicious! Definitely a must-try for those who enjoy green juices."

  • 2.20.15 - THE VEGAN PACT

    "Have you ever had jalapeno in your green drink? I hadn’t. And it was awesome. It didn’t even really make it spicy, but it has super detoxifying and cleansing properties and it actually paired nicely with the kale, cucumber and pineapple in the Green Dream. Have you had escarole in your juice? What?! OK, me neither. But you can get it here too! The BuddhaBeet is also a delicious option . . . In regards to smoothies, I had the Bad Monkey! which is a dessert-worthy smoothie full of cacao nibs, dates, banana, almond butter, It was crazy delicious and I loved that there were tiny bits of cacao and dates in every sip. Mint Condition, Pink Unicorn and Goji Mojo are all must-trys, too."

  • 2.9.15 - POP.BOP.SHOP

    " I decided on a smoothie called the Pink Unicorn. . . . I took one sip and my eyes rolled into the back of my head, the way they do when I'm having a nirvana-like food experience. How could something so good for you, taste this delicious? I was instantly hooked."


    "I tried Heather's favorite juice, the Green Dream which is made with kale, cucumber, pineapple, and jalapeno. The pineapple added just a hint of sweetness, but the juice wasn't overly sweet. I loved the added kick of the jalepeno. I also tried the Chile Chocolate Acai Bowl with cacao powder, cacao nibs, chipotle chili powder, acai, almond milk, banana, dates, agave, and ice, blended and topped with granola and hemp seeds. This was delicious and filling, and I loved the combination of the chocolate and chile."


    "I tried the Berry Go Round Smoothie . . . and the Green Dream Juice . . . While both were amazing, the Green Dream was just that - a dream to drink. "

  • 1.11.15 - HEALTHY CHICKS.COM

    "Serving up made-to-order juices and smoothies, cold-pressed juices and homemade soups, the folks behind Thirst Juice Co. know what they’re doing. . . . I absolutely loved the way the flavors came together, especially the jalepeno kick. It was the perfect blend of refreshing and zesty (with a touch of sweet!) that led me to gulp down my entire cup as I snapped photos and browsed the menu in awe."

  • 1.2.15 - BOSTON.COM

    Follow These Bostonians for Healthy New Year Inspiration, featuring Thirst co-owners Heather Stevenson & Chris Roche

  • 12.16.14 - LUX & CONCORD

    “Since we’re all feeling a little bloated/puffy/tired/hungover at this point in the month, we turned to experts in one of the latest health crazes, juicing, to see if they could help us get through 2014 without feeling like garbage. Here, we talk to Heather Stevenson and Chris Roche of Boston’s new Thirst Juice Co. about the benefits of adding juice to your holiday diet of processed carbs and booze...”

  • 12.8.14 - FOODISTA ON POINTE

    “...Introducing Thirst Juice Co. - the freshest of spots to open up this holiday season in the DTX area. From former, legal-superstar couple Heather Stevenson and Chris Roche comes a major breath of fresh air, with tantalizing juice, smoothie and acai bowl concoctions. Any visit here is likely to be much more effective than this year’s flu shot...”


    “The time has come, my friends. That dreadful moment when you realize fresh produce has become a thing of the past. That is, until spring. Items dwindle at farm stands, unless you’re in the market for parsnips and pumpkins. You would give your kingdom for a tomato that isn’t mealy, and you dream of a time when blueberries were plump and juicy. Have no fear. There’s a new juice spot in the heart of downtown Boston sure to quench your thirst for fresh fruits and veggies...”

  • 12.19.14 - DRIVE THE DISTRICT

    "For those among us looking to get healthy in the New Year, Thirst Juice Co. can definitely make the list of approved order-out meals."

  • 11.25.14 - THE BOSTON DAYBOOK

    "The recipes Heather and Chris have developed are so good – even though they have only been open for a week there were lots of happy faces at their shop today! Try them out the next time you are downtown and could use a little pick-me-up!"

  • 11.25.2014 - NEW ENGLAND STATE OF MIND

    "The drinks and soup at Thirst Juice Co. were a welcome switch-up to my midday routine, and one that I know I will be repeating. It just feels GOOD! "

  • 11.18.14 - THE LINCOLN JOURNAL

    "Boasting a delicious and healthful menu that will present customers with a welcome alternative to the neighborhood’s standard fast-food fare, Thirst Juice Co.’s blend of fruits and vegetables is proof to the palate that green juices can and should taste good."

  • 11.17.14 - BOSTINNO.COM

    "Lucky for us, Boston just gained a new healthy option. Thirst Juice Co. is opening their doors today at 44 School Street in downtown Boston. . . . So swing by this new healthy hot spot — staying on track never tasted so delicious."

  • 11.17.14 - JOONBUG.COM

    "Awesome juice bar, Thirst Juice Co. paves its way into the heart and soul of downtown Boston. ... Thirst Juice Co.’s fusion of fresh fruits and vegetables is living proof to your taste buds that green juices certainly should and can taste delectable and rejuvenating."

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